Truly Green!

Genia Product

The Genia filter offers not only a great smoking experience, but also makes a contribution in reducing the environmental burden caused by the littering of cigarette butts.

The traditional cellulose acetate filter takes years or even decades to disperse. Genia is made without any plastics and therefore vanishes within days or weeks depending on the environment when discarded.

Consumer tests have shown that a cigarette or filtered cigar with a Genia filter offers a pleasant taste and it’s not comparable with the harsh and dry taste of a paper filter, but closer to the cellulose acetate filter. In addition, it is selective to tar, nicotine and phenols.

Being able to produce some specifications in house, we also work with established filter producers or can provide the material on rolls for your own filter production.

A Genia filter can be produced in various dimensions and pressure drop according the product need:

  • Filter rods for cigarettes and filtered cigars in various length, diameter and pressure drop

  • Filter can be made in white and natural

  • Filter tips for RYO and MYO

  • Filter tips for the alternative market

Compostable and biodegradable

The acetate filters being such an environmental burden which brought the idea to develope a fully compostable cigarette filter. The Genia filter media has been certified (by ISEGA Institute in Germany) with EN13432 to be compostable and biodegradable:


Cellulose Acetat